Information for carriers - owners of container trucks

Express Auto Cargo company is interested in signing contracts with reliable carriers. Our main criterion for choosing partners is the ability to work in conditions of strict quality and safety requirements. The requirements for the quality and safety of transportation are prescribed in the contract and are grounds for imposing a fine in the event of their non-compliance.

The contracts for the provision of transportation services are concluded exclusively with the owners of vehicles and their authorized representatives.

To conclude the contract, send a letter to the e-mail address with the subject "Application for the conclusion of a contract with the carrier".

In the letter indicate:
  1. Full name or the name of the owner of vehicles.
  2. Contact information - phone, e-mail.
  3. Experience in automotive container transport (number of years).
  4. List of persons who can confirm your reliability as a carrier.
  5. Number of vehicles.
  6. Types of transported containers.
  7. The maximum weight you are willing to carry.
  8. Directions of transportation - city, intercity.

Attach to the letter:
  1. A copy of the certificate of registration of LLC or IP.
  2. A copy of the passport of the person who will sign the contract.

Please note that the data you provide will be checked by the security service. When applying for a contract, you agree to verify the information provided.

After passing the first stage of the audit, you will be required to provide:
  1. Lists of vehicles with attached copies of documents.
  2. Lists of drivers with enclosed copies of passports.

The conclusion of a contract is possible only after passing through all stages of verification.

If you are a carrier that requires accreditation and / or work for container ships, please contact us to discuss the terms of cooperation:
Tel: 8-917-337-07-27